Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Using Google sites for children's e-portfolio, for FREE

I'm testing out on Google sites to see if it's possible to have the children's portfolios loaded online with privacy.

This is the site I created for public views: J's Portfolio

The website is basically like a document in Google Drive, which different educators, parents, family, extended family can collaborate children's learning together, and the best thing is, I can set it to be private, viewable only to the person I added.

For any early childhood centres seriously wanting to implement e-portfolio, I strongly recommend Google Apps for Education.

It's free for licensed education institutes, and the thing I like the most is that educators can post videos in private and only viewable by those within the domain.  I just learned a term ubiquitous, meaning existing or being everywhere, Google Apps is that, you can collaborate, plan, with anyone anywhere in any devices that have access to the internet.

Although Google Apps is so awesome, I'm also testing wordpress and blogger to see how effective it is in practice, as for Google sites, the webpage needs to be updated when there's an internet connection, sometimes I only have my iphone with me, and the screen is a bit small for me to edit the page wherever I like.

Wordpress and blogger blogs can also protect the children's privacy by setting the blog to private (or viewable only to parents & teachers), and it also has iphone apps which I can update anytime.  Wordpress iphone apps is very easy to use, and I can pretty much type up a learning story on the spot simultaneously when the learning is happening.  All I do is take photos with the iphone camera (ok, it might not be the best camera choice, but it's ok), upload to the blog and add comments and assessment.

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