Thursday, 24 January 2013


60 Inspiring Examples of Twitter in the Classroom

As an early childhood educator, I could use the following with twitter:
  1. As a parent communication tool - ask parent to sign up and received tweets on daily activities and projects, what has been learned in the classroom
  2. Share news, inspirations, ideas (using #) with other educators, parents
  3. Network with other professionals, search using keyword in the twitter search engine, eg. teachingtechnology, fundraising ideas.  Follow people and start communicating. 
  4. Connect with other pre-school or kindergarten around the world to collaborate projects, children can also learn different classroom and cultural protocols
  5. Subscribe to #educhat and participate
  6. Ask for help & advice

Other useful twitter tools:
  •   Twittermap - shows on a world map of people twitting, search by username, keywords, hashtag..etc. 
  • Twitterfall - show a list of results on search term by keywords, hashtag

Twitter cheat sheet - Learn about what all the symbols  (@, RT, #) mean and tricks of the trade.

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