Monday, 21 January 2013

How I use my iphone to enhance my pracitce?

Before I upgraded my old phone to a smart phone, my life was miserable.  A lot of things were on my mind but always on the 'To-do" list.  I'm sharing and reflecting on how my iphone can make my personal and professional life more efficient:

  • Calendar to arrange things and set reminders for important events, share events with parents
  • Music player for movement experiences, I actually got the portable speaker so the songs can project quite far in the classroom and even outside.  And it can easily extend an interest by searching itunes for music, let's say the interest is on horse, I could search music or stories to plan for a dance, drama or music experience.
  • I can store all my books in iBooks & kindle
  • The built-in camera allows me to take photos of a learning experience and do a learning story instantly (how spontaneous is that!) with the Comiclife apps, or update the children's blog with blogger or wordpress apps

  • Evernotes to add & sync notes on all my devices
  • I can check multiple email accounts (that I accumulated over my lifetime) instantly, without typing different usernames and passwords, some mail service log you out when you're accessing different email accounts (e.g. and
  • Can access to the internet, so today, my 4 year-old was watching Bubble Guppies and it's a story of a sphinx without a nose, after watching the episode, she said she wanted to make a pyramid.  So I went on the internet to search for a pyramid template, print it out and there she was drawing, colouring, folding, glueing the pyramid.  I then, just out of interest, search on for some sphinx images, she looked with me and wanted to print out 2 of those without the nose. Then we had a bit of an exploration as of why it hasn't got a nose, how we could make a nose...etc.
  • There's an app for almost topic!  Have a look at this article: There's an App for almost everything 

I've got lots more other uses with apps, will share it later, stay tuned!

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