Saturday, 19 January 2013

Creative environment

How do we create educational environments that maximize how students harness their creative and problem-solving potential?

There's a good series on iTunesU on this creative problem solving.

Note on Tim Brown on creativity and play: 

  • Playfulness open up possibilites
  • Adult's self-judgement or fear of criticism kills creativity
  • Role play is experimenting with design of a service or social interactions (what is it like to be a fireman)
  • Role play act as a tool to teach empathy (camera recording what a patient sees in the hospital)
  • Building prototype helps us explain our creation
  • Question to reflect: How can we transition children through this play?
  • we need TRUST to play, to be creative
  • exploration (going for quantity), building (and thinking) with our hands, role play (acting out)

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