Friday, 28 June 2013

The Commons Photos for Educators

A good photo speaks a thousand words.  No doubt using good photos for your blog, websites or student's eportfolio draws your readers attention.

Where to get photos that you can use for free:

Public Domain Pictures 

Just by typing public domain picutres/photos in google search, it'll generate loads of sites where you can download photos for free

The above photo is from, you can buy the contributor a coffee by donating if you really like the photos.

CC Search

Creative Commons search, you can search for images you'd like to use or images you can alter.

Wikipedia Commons

Wikipedia Commons has a large database of good quality photos, for pretty much a lot of things a teacher is looking for.  There are also videos for the search term, e.g. here's a video for jellyfish.

Flickr's The Commons

Flickr let everyday user share their photos, users can choose to share their photos to the world when they upload them.  Here's a summary of all the creative commons licences.  There's a lot of historic photos as well in The Commons.

Microsoft Office Images

I actually found a lot of interesting images in this site, to my surprise.  Although a lot of it are from the cliparts in the Microsoft environment, there're also some good pictures.

What about protecting your image?  There's many programs/apps that let us add watermarks, copyright information to our image.
Lets you edit photos, add watermarks, quotes to photos and make a collage at lightning speed.

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