Saturday, 18 May 2013

Padlet for Parents Feedback

Padlet is a blank wall for collaboration, you could add anything, text, photos, videos.  Drag and drop, very easy to use.

One scenario I'd use in an early childhood setting is to set up our ipad (or computer), asked parents to add feedback while they're in the centre, or send the link out and they could post their comments on the wall.  You could also get those shy parents who doesn't want to speak out their comments, or parents whose English is not their first language, they could write in their language, record an audio note, it's all about making it more convenient for the parents.

Example: Parents feedback on our field trip

After everyone has posted their feedback, the wall can be exported as pdf, as documentation.

Padlet is also great for group research, staff collaboration on a topic of interest.  Brainstorm what you know on a topic, and add on as you go, as padlet works on a lot of devices.  There's more on their feature page.

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